Tax Deductible Mortgage Free Seminar In Richmond

Tax Deductible Mortgage Seminar

Our first seminar of the year will be September 28th in Richmond BC. You can learn all about how a tax deductible mortgage works and have all your questions answered.

Richmond Location

Abercorn Inn – Best Western 9260 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond BC Saturday September 28th 10:00 AM.

A Tax Deductible Mortgage is designed to generate Tax Refunds using the same cash flow as your mortgage payments. This technique has become increasingly popular since the introduction of specific mortgage products from many major lenders. These mortgages may be offered in bank branches but the expertise to set it up, run it and stay within the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines is not always available.

Before you can even decide is this is for you, you need to find out exactly how it works. Tax Deductible Mortgage  is offering complimentary seminars that offer full disclosure on how to restructure your mortgage to generate tax deductions.

The No Sales Pressure Guarantee!!!

This is not a sales presentation making this meeting unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You will not be asked to buy anything; it is simply an information session allowing you to decide if you wish to explore it further.

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