News For Tax Deductible Mortgage

We have some more great news for tax deductible mortgage, our next seminar is October 3rd in Richmond BC:

news for tax deductible mortgageRichmond Location

Abercorn Inn – Best Western 9260 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond BC

You can learn more about the tax deductible mortgage plan and meet Einar Lisborg BA RHU CFP. This informative free seminar will help explain how a tax deductible mortgage works, what the benefits are, what the risks are and answer all your questions. Simply stated, a tax deductible mortgage give you tax refunds using the same cash flow as your mortgage payments.  By restructuring your mortgage payments you have the potential to pay off your mortgage sooner while building a nest egg for retirement.

Einar Lisborg is a certified financial planner with years of experience in setting up tax deductible mortgages. He is very much a family man and dedicated to building a future for you and your family. Meet with Einar and discuss any issues you have financially or questions that you have about the tax deductible mortgage plan. Sign up for the seminar and learn more.

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