Never Lose Your Money Again*

Hello my name is Einar Lisborg BA RHU CFP with 20 years of experience helping many invest right and have a financial peace of mind. Together we can go over the many great financial services that we offer to ensure that you never lose your money again.

We have to invest to have enough money to retire. Old age pension and old age security are just not enough. The problem is that you risk losing money in market downturns, or you have to invest with low returns to keep your money safe.

The Problem

The problem is that markets go up and down so it may take up to five years to gain back your investment.

The Trap

The Experts Chant:


Spread your money out among different categories and funds only to see most, if not all of them, go down when the market crashes.


We are living longer and few of us have the illusion that Old Age Pension or Canada Pension will be enough. Unless you have an excellent pension plan you are faced with the problem of trying to grow your money without losing your shirt in the process.

The Solution


Lock in your gains every month. You are guaranteed the highest monthly price. If the market crashes, your gains are locked in automatically and you NEVER LOSE YOUR MONEY AGAIN!*

Never Lose Your Money Again utilizes certain segregated funds where gains can be locked-in on a monthly basis.  Segregated fund may have various maturity and death benefit guarantees but care should be taken to read the Information Folder in order to determine specific details for the funds you purchase.

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